Vice and Virtue

Label: Unsigned

Genre: Pop Punk/ Party Grunge

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Influences: Nirvana, Green Day, Arctic Monkeys, Cage the Elephant, Avenged Sevenfold, Built To Spill, Queens of the Stone Age, RHCP

The Story

“I spent years looking for the right band mates for The Hangover Party, an album I wrote over the last 6 years of ethereal highs, deathly lows, blackouts and hangovers all over the world. I believed in the album, and gave up other career opportunities to try to get it finished. I was worried that I had made a big mistake. That was when I met Max and Nick. Max’s last band in Connecticut had fallen apart and he moved to Portland to go to school. He tried jamming with people, but he pretty much gave up hope of finding anyone with similar music tastes and ability, anyone who loved Rock n Roll as much as he did. One day, while sitting at the library, he decided to check Craigslist one last time. That was the day he saw my ad for a bass player. Nick had already responded to my ad, and we’d already jammed a couple of times. Nick had a practice studio space at his house, a great drum kit and professional recording equipment. He was studying audio engineering and had left his last band because he felt he couldn’t fully believe in their songs. Lyrically, Nick and I had an immediate connection, discussing QoTSA’s Josh Homme, The Smiths, and talking about the painful experiences from our past that we used to write. We jammed together twice before I was rushed to the hospital with emergency appendicitis. After the surgery I spent almost a month recovering, but used the time to set up a meeting with Max and make minor changes to The Hangover Party. At our first practice together as a 3-piece I was still healing, but I screamed the length of Smells Like Teen’s Spirit, mostly to impress Max. I knew Nick was on board, but I’d seen Max’s YouTube channel and he had over 100 bass covers. I knew Max was the bass player I’d always dreamed of working with. I’m a poet more than a musician and I always knew that I needed a bass player that was a better musician than me. I also always knew that I needed a passionate, intense, high energy drummer, exactly like Nick. The day that Vice and Virtue came together I was in intense abdominal pain, still healing from surgery, but I was really happy, because I knew what it was going to become.”

-Jesse Miles (Vice and Virtue Singer/Songwriter)